Laravel – One of Best PHP Web Development Frameworks for PHP Developers

Laravel - One of Best PHP Web Development Frameworks for PHP Developers

If you go back to half a decade things were not looking very rosy for the PHP framework. There was a time when it was basically on a ventilator trying to pass out time. Cut back to present, things are looking hunky dory for the PHP framework. Reason? The emergence of a new framework – Laravel.

The history of this ingenious platform is very interesting. This framework was developed by Taylor Otwell which has now become quite a sensation in the minds of PHP developers. Why? The reason being, it consists of a very plain sailing yet polished syntax. Ultimately it resulted in lots of PHP developers to start liking their profession. Isn’t it amazing?

Let us now divert our attention to the ingenious benefits that you can derive from the Laravel PHP framework.

The very first advantage is that this web development framework is open source which makes it free to access.

You can avail lots of utilities for App Maintenance and Deployment.

This web development framework can be used by beginners and advanced level programmers.

It boasts of the largest community size amongst the top four most popular PHP frameworks.

You can get more information on this effective platform by visiting their website i.e.; and even access great video tutorials at

The most important thing is that PHP developers are able to complete their common repeated tasks in an effortless manner.

This gives freedom to PHP developers to level up their tasks by performing at the creative best of writing customized functions very quickly. The end result? It shortens the delivery time and proves to be a cost-effective investment for the clients.

PHP developers love the following features of the Laravel framework:

  1. Easy and quick authentication which ensures complete control over user access to the resources in hand.
  2. It consists of a mail service integration feature which enables PHP developers to send emails using different email service providers either through local or cloud-based services. It is even possible to send notifications through multiple delivery channels like Slack and SMS.
  3. Passwords in the Laravel framework never get saved in plain text. Instead, they are encrypted using a Bcrypt algorithm which protects them against SQL injection using SQL statements.
  4. It employs a command line tool called “Artisan” which enables PHP developers to perform their most recurring and tedious tasks automatically.
  5. Error and exception handling is already configured in Laravel framework which ensures that PHP developers do not have to manually work on it.
  6. It ensures enhanced speed by integrating with the backend caching thus requiring no manual intervention.
  7. PHP developers find it easy to define app routes.
  8. It employs an MVC framework which ensures that there is already a separation enabling layout designers to change the web page appearance without going to the PHP developers.

Now that you have understood the relevance of the Laravel framework it is time to avail the services of a reputed Laravel Development Company in USA. This would ensure that you get high-quality web development services from this platform at a quick turnaround time.

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